What Role Does Embedded Industrial PC Play in Medical UHD Endoscope Camera System?

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In recent years, the development of science and technology has promoted the development of precision medical methods, which represents the modern surgical paradigm of “precision surgery”, which directly stimulates the demand for advanced equipment such as ultra-high-definition endoscopic camera systems. Then embedded industrial PC What role does the machine play in the medical ultra-high-definition endoscopic camera system?

Multi-serial port embedded industrial computer

The essence of precision diagnosis and treatment is to integrate and apply modern technology on the basis of traditional medical methods, to recognize human body functions and the nature of diseases more scientifically, efficiently and safely, and to obtain a new medical service paradigm that maximizes the health benefits of individuals and society, which is conducive to further development. Improve the level of diagnosis and treatment.

As an important practical field of precision diagnosis and treatment, the development of precision surgery has risen rapidly, relying on precise and intelligent image detection equipment, surgical robots, etc. to expand the capabilities of doctors’ “eyes” and “hands”, and promote the progress and development of precision medicine.

Taking the ultra-high-definition endoscope camera system equipment as an example, the equipment is mainly composed of three parts: the scope system, the lighting system and the image display system. The individual images are collected through the scope system, and then the image is input into the computer and image The processor unit performs operations such as digital processing, real-time display and storage, and assists doctors to better diagnose the cause of the disease and issue more detailed inspection reports. It is characterized by accuracy and convenience, and is undoubtedly an excellent boost to promote the development of precision surgical diagnosis and treatment. .

Multi-serial port embedded industrial computer 1

However, the precise image data collection, processing, and visual display of the equipment require high performance requirements for the core computer hardware, and products with higher computing power, image processing capabilities, scalability, and stability must provide the foundation for it. support.

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