What is the Meaning of Industrial Computer Aging Test? Why is Aging Tested Before Delivery?

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An industrial computer, also known as an industrial computer, is an electronic product. Industrial computers are rich in various non-electronic electronic materials. Many times, it is not possible for a manufacturer to complete the development and production of all materials. Such as CPU, memory, hard disk, graphics card, sound card, COM interface, VGA interface, HDMI interface, audio headphone interface, USB interface, and control components of the motherboard, capacitors, resistors, etc.

Wall-mounted industrial computer 1xPCIEX16 slot
Wall mounted industrial computer

With the development of industrial control computers, the integration of electronic products is getting higher and higher, the structure is getting more and more delicate, the process is getting more and more complicated, and the manufacturing process is getting more and more complicated, so there will be defects in the potential manufacturing process. When manufacturing electronic products, there are two types of quality problems caused by unreasonable design, raw material or process measures.

The first category is that the performance parameters of the product do not meet the standards, and the products produced do not meet the requirements for use.

The second category is latent defects. Such defects cannot be found by conventional testing methods, but need to be gradually exposed during use, such as wafer surface contamination, tissue instability, solder voids, poor thermal resistance matching of chips and tubes, etc.

Typically, such defects must be activated (exposed) after the component has operated at rated power and normal operating temperature for about a thousand hours. Obviously, if it is unrealistic for an industrial computer to test each component for a thousand hours, it must be subjected to thermal stress and bias, such as a high-temperature power stress test, to speed up the early exposure of such defects. That is, applying thermal, electrical, mechanical or various external stresses to electronic products to simulate a harsh working environment, so that potential failures of industrial computers can occur in advance.

Dual network port mini PC host 7
Intel NUC 2-Network-Port Micro Mini PC

The industrial computer has passed the high temperature aging test before leaving the factory. Through normal temperature, high temperature and low temperature aging, defects, hidden dangers in welding and component production processes can be exposed in advance. After aging, electrical parameters are measured and faults or changes are eliminated. The value of this component is to superficially eliminate as much as possible early failures in normal use of the product to ensure that the industrial computer product can withstand the test of time.

Therefore, before leaving the factory, GOOIPC’s industrial computers must undergo basic room temperature aging tests, and some require special high and low temperature 7*24 aging tests.