What is a Wall-mounted Industrial Computer?

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The operating environment of industrial computers is usually very harsh, such as high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, long-term operation without interruption, etc. Industrial computer chassis can be divided into three types, one is the mainstream embedded industrial computer chassis, one is rack-mounted chassis, and the other is wall-mounted chassis. So what is a wall-mounted industrial computer?

Wall - mounted fanless industrial computer GNP-APC-3106ED

The advantages of the wall-mounted industrial computer are extrusion resistance, corrosion resistance, dust resistance, vibration resistance, and radiation protection, and can be used in special environments. In particular, the wall-mounted industrial control case is more suitable for display in a small space, which is different from the vertical design of the daily case.

Because some device manufacturers need to install the control center (IPC) in their devices. Therefore, there are stricter requirements on the size of the industrial computer. Because the volume requirements of traditional industrial computers are difficult to meet, in order to meet this user demand, we have introduced wall-mounted industrial computers. Due to the small size of the industrial computer chassis and the applicable environment inside a certain device, the design concept also focuses on heat dissipation and expansion performance. The chassis is made of high-quality steel plate, which has good anti-radiation, anti-static, and anti-electromagnetic interference functions, and has rich internal expansion positions.

Wall-mounted industrial computer GNP-ATX-B560 1

Which industries are wall-mounted industrial computers used in?
Wall-mounted industrial computers are widely used in laser marking machines, pneumatic marking machines, laser engraving machines, wire EDM machines, balance machines, electronic scales, track scales, automatic sorting machines, automatic batching systems, cement blanking systems, Automobile inspection equipment, four-wheel alignment, fuel injection pump test bench, test benches for various production lines, special equipment for printed circuit boards, CNC drilling and milling machines, reflow soldering equipment, automatic optical inspection equipment for printed circuit boards, semiconductor inspection equipment, etc.

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