What is the Common Size of a Rack Mounted Industrial Computer Case?

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As we all know, the industrial computer is a machine used in a relatively harsh environment, so that users are very concerned about the quality of each accessory used in the industrial computer. If the motherboard is the heart of the industrial computer, then the chassis should be the core of the industrial computer. Skins are very important accessories.

At present, the common industrial computer chassis on the market can be classified into: rack mounted industrial computer, wall-mounted industrial computer, embedded industrial computer, etc. It can also be classified by size. Today we will learn about the rack-mounted industrial computer chassis classified by size?

The thickness of the industrial computer chassis is based on 4.445cm. 1U is 4.445cm, and 2U is 8.89cm twice that of 1U. 4U is 17.78CM.

1U industrial computer [Core 4 generation] Intel Bay Trail SOC platform
1U industrial computer [Core 4 generation] Intel Bay Trail SOC platform

One:1U industrial computer
1U=1.75 inches =44.45 mm =4.445 cm. In fact, the biggest difference between 2U and 1U compared with 4U is in height, and because of the limited height, there are not many drive positions and expansion slots. However, users who choose this type of chassis are relatively More, although it has the disadvantages of 2U, it also has its own advantages: it does not take up space.

Two:2U industrial computer
2U rack-mounted industrial computer chassis is also a relatively common chassis type, its size is second only to 4U chassis, conventional hardware can basically be installed, but the graphics card cannot be installed because of the height, so relatively speaking, there are not many users who choose this kind of chassis.

4U industrial computer
4U industrial computer

Three:4U industrial computer
The largest type of rack-mounted industrial computer chassis, such as E-ATX motherboards and GTX1080TiPGF-level large boards, can be easily placed. The installation of water cooling is also very simple and has great scalability. This type of chassis is large in size and has many fans, so its heat dissipation performance is generally strong. Compared with fanless industrial PCs, this type of industrial PCs are very cost-effective.