How to Judge the Failure of the Motherboard of the Industrial Computer?

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6 common reasons for the failure of the motherboard of the industrial computer.

1. The heat dissipation effect of the north bridge chip on the motherboard is not good.
Some industrial computer motherboards omit the heat sink on the north bridge chip, which may cause poor heat dissipation of the chip and cause the system to crash after running for a period of time. In such a situation, you can install a self-made heat sink or add a chassis fan with a good heat dissipation effect.The loss, damage, and repeated installation of the industrial control motherboard driver will cause the operating system to fail to boot or cause the operating system to fail to work stably. You can open the control panel system device manager in turn to check whether there are yellow exclamation marks or question marks in the items in the system device. Delete all the items with yellow exclamation marks or question marks, reinstall the driver that comes with the motherboard, and restart.

Industrial computer motherboard 2

2. It is related to the motherboard battery
When the hard disk cannot be found correctly when the industrial computer is turned on, the system time is incorrect after startup, and the CMOS settings cannot be saved, etc., you can first check whether the main board CMOS jumper is set to clear the CLEAR option (usually 2-3), if it is In this case, please change the jumper to NORMAL option (usually 1-2) and then reset. If the CMOS jumper is not wrong, it is likely to be caused by damage to the motherboard battery or insufficient battery voltage. Please try another motherboard battery.

3. The BIOS is damaged
Due to BIOS refresh failure or BIOS damage caused by CIH virus, if the boot block is not damaged, you can use a self-made boot disk to refresh the BIOS. If the boot block is also damaged, you can use the hot-plug method (very dangerous) or use Use a programmer to perform a safe repair.

4. Caused by failure of motherboard capacitors
The aluminum electrolytic capacitor on the industrial control motherboard uses electrolyte inside. Due to reasons such as time, temperature, and quality, it will age, which will lead to a decrease in the anti-interference index of the motherboard and affect the normal operation of the machine. We can buy a capacitor with the same capacity as the “aging” capacitor, and after preparing the electric soldering iron, solder wire, and rosin, replace it with the aging one. In addition, the loss of tools when disassembling and assembling the computer may also accidentally damage the capacitor, which should also be checked and ruled out.

Industrial computer motherboard 1

5. Compatibility issues
If you encounter compatibility problems with new and old things due to BUG in the design of the industrial control motherboard or when upgrading accessories, try to eliminate it first. After troubleshooting the BIOS setting problem, you can download the new BIOS of the motherboard to refresh. In addition, the author also encountered compatibility problems caused by upgrading the operating system, which was later determined to be due to the outdated BIOS of the motherboard.
Tip 1: Clearing the CMOS settings can also solve some inexplicable faults, you may wish to try.
Tip 2: When the installed hardware cannot be recognized by the operating system, set the PNP OS INSTALLED (plug and play) item set by CMOS to YES or NO, and try.

Industrial computer motherboard

6. Poor contact, short circuit, etc.
The industrial control motherboard has a large area and is a place where more dust is collected. Dust is likely to cause poor contact between the slot and the board. At this time, we can blow air on the slot to remove the dust. If the poor contact is caused by the oxidation of the socket pins, you can fold the hard white paper and insert it into the groove to wipe it back and forth. In addition, if the CPU slot is used to detect the CPU temperature or the thermistor on the motherboard used to monitor the temperature in the chassis is covered with dust, it is likely to cause the motherboard to identify the temperature incorrectly, thus causing the problem of a protective failure of the motherboard. , You also need to pay attention when cleaning. When disassembling the chassis, conductive objects such as small screws accidentally dropped in may get stuck between the components of the motherboard and cause a short circuit, which will cause a “protective fault”. In addition, check whether there should be less small copper pillars used to support the motherboard between the motherboard and the bottom plate of the chassis; whether the motherboard and the chassis are in direct contact due to improper installation of the motherboard or deformation of the chassis, so that the power supply with short-circuit protection function automatically cuts off the power supply.


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