How to Choose the Right Industrial Computer Manufacturer?

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As people’s demand for information technology continues to grow, industrial computers have been used more and more widely, and have been used in industrial automation, self-service terminals, medical equipment, rail transit, communications, finance, network security and other fields.

Intel NUC micro mini PC

In the face of various industrial environments, it is very important to choose an industrial computer that meets the requirements. How to choose the right industrial computer manufacturer?

The industrial computer is the center of industrial control, which is related to the stable and efficient operation of the system. Branding is also a very important consideration.
GOOIPC is an industrial computer manufacturer, providing high-reliability and high-quality industrial control computers to help customers reduce production costs, prolong product life, enhance customers’ competitive advantages in the market, and win public praise with professionalism and strength.
GOOIPC is a high-quality industrial control computer brand in China.

Intel NUC 2-network-port micro mini pc

The quality of the industrial computer is related to the process of the industrial motherboard and the selection of components. In terms of craftsmanship, different products or different industrial computer manufacturers can understand it intuitively.
The selection of components leads to great differences in the ex-factory prices of industrial control computer manufacturers, mainly due to the differences in component prices.
The quality of components directly affects the quality, service life and maintenance frequency of industrial control computers.
GOOIPC, a professional industrial computer manufacturer, has strict requirements on the purchase of components. They don’t buy second-hand or low-quality parts that common industrial control computer manufacturers buy because of lower cost.
In addition, there are price differences between Taiwan-funded and mainland industrial computer manufacturers. The main difference is the difference in profit, which has little to do with the quality of the industrial computer.

The function of the industrial control computer is related to the assembly and application environment. Assembly: The difference in assembly is the first decisive point of the functional difference of industrial control computers.
Therefore, in order to compare the functions of industrial computers, it is first necessary to know whether the assembly of two industrial computers is the same or similar.
This component can be replaced according to the requirements of industrial computer users. Operating environment: The traditional industrial control computer is a fan-type cooling device with cooling holes to ensure the air circulation inside the industrial computer. If it is placed in an industrial place with high dust and high humidity, the performance of the industrial computer will be seriously affected.
In this environment, embedded industrial computers should be selected, and different industrial computers should be selected according to different industrial environments.

Wall-mounted industrial computer 1xPCIEX16 slot 1

4,After-sales service
Industrial PCs are sold nationwide. How to ensure that the after-sales service is accurate and in place? Professional industrial computer manufacturers and general industrial computer manufacturers are very different in terms of after-sales service.
Professional industrial computer manufacturers will set up subsidiaries or offices in mainstream cities or regions to improve the quick-response service system for after-sales service and be able to handle customer feedback in a timely and rapid manner. However, general industrial computer manufacturers cannot achieve global coverage.