How to Choose the Chassis According to the Motherboard of the Industrial Computer?

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The CPU is the core of an industrial computer. The motherboard of the industrial computer is the guarantee for the stable and efficient work of the CPU. The quality of the motherboard will affect other parts of the entire machine. So how do we choose the motherboard?

Industrial computer motherboard

When purchasing a motherboard, we need to look at a motherboard with better materials, so that its stability is better. If the merchant only wants to make money, he must recommend the one with the highest profit! The actual requirements of the demander will not be considered. Generally, we choose a thicker motherboard. The thick main board is a multi-layer board. When you pick up the main board and look at the light source, you can observe that the main board of the industrial computer on the other side is a double-layer board. Otherwise, it is a four-layer or multi-layer board. When purchasing, it is best to choose a four-layer or multi-layer board.

Generally, when you choose an industrial motherboard, you will choose a brand, so which brand is better? Is it expensive? We recommend the one that best meets our actual production needs.

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In general, overclocking motherboards have stricter quality requirements. According to the survey, in fact, very few customers use overclocking motherboards. Many people think that the workmanship and materials of overclocking motherboards are more particular. Even if they don’t need overclocking now, they may use it in the future. Therefore, some manufacturers seize our mentality and strongly recommend us to buy overclocking motherboards. The ordinary motherboard of our industrial computer is fine, and it is a waste to buy an overclocking motherboard. They are all paying merchants for functions that are not used, why bother? Therefore, we must keep our eyes open and not let profit-seeking businesses blind our eyes.

The use environment of industrial computer chassis is generally harsh, high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, long-term uninterrupted operation, and places with a lot of dust layer noise, so the protection requirements for industrial computer chassis are very high. The industrial control motherboard is mainly divided into two parts, the bottom plate + CPU card form. The current industrial computer chassis can be divided into three categories, one is the mainstream embedded industrial computer chassis, the other is the horizontal chassis, and the other is the wall-mounted industrial PC chassis. The industrial computer chassis has the advantages of anti-extrusion, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, anti-vibration and anti-radiation. So what are the functions of the industrial computer chassis?

  1. The conductivity of the industrial computer chassis
  2. Thermal conductivity of industrial computer chassis
  3. The shock resistance of the industrial computer chassis
  4. Electromagnetic shielding of industrial control chassis
  5. The heat dissipation effect and radiation capacity of the industrial control chassis
Wall-mounted industrial computer chipset Intel H310C 1

How to choose an industrial computer chassis according to the motherboard of the industrial computer needs to be combined with the size of the motherboard of the industrial computer, the performance of the motherboard of the industrial computer and the configuration of the industrial computer, and the main points of selecting the motherboard of the industrial computer. The main performances are as follows.

Materials of industrial control cabinets: The internal and external materials of high-quality cabinets are mainly galvanized steel sheets produced by famous brand steel factories, which are expensive, have high deformation strength and good corrosion resistance. In order to save the cost of the inferior shell, use cheap steel plates from unknown sources, and directly spray and install them. Its oxidation resistance, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance are very poor, such as moisture in the air is easy to rust. In the same production process, the material cost difference between the two cases exceeds 40%.

Material thickness of industrial control chassis: In addition to internal and external materials, the thickness of steel plates should be more scientific and reasonable. Too thick and heavy boxes will bring unnecessary waste and trouble to consumers. Too thin and thin boxes will threaten the stability of internal accessories. The thickness of high-quality industrial computer casing steel plate is usually about 1.0-1.2mm. The inferior industrial computer chassis is not only made of poor material, but the steel plate is very thin. Usually the thickness of the box is about 0.8mm, and the internal structure of some inferior boxes even has only 0.6mm of material. Some inferior chassis have very thick spray coatings to cover up their material defects that are not visible on the surface, in fact, the method of distinguishing is very simple, lift the weight of the chassis and you will understand immediately. Under the same production process, the cost of the two cases only differs by about 30%-50% in terms of material thickness.

Wall - mounted industrial computer chipset Intel B365

Industrial computer case handle: complete industrial PC case accessories, with a weight of nearly 20 kg, the mobile case handle for easy carrying has become particularly important. The high-quality case body uses high-pressure cast aluminum handles, which have load-bearing capacity. Deformation, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, smooth metal surface to prevent the handle from being easy to sell with non-slip rubber strips on both sides of the handle; low-quality cases usually use low-cost plastic or thin aluminum handles.

The appearance and structure of the industrial control chassis: the appearance of the high-quality industrial control chassis is carefully designed. The manufacturer of the case will spend a lot of time and money on the detailed design and research of the panel, and find a professional design company to design a dozen different appearances. The difference between industrial computer chassis and ordinary computer chassis is the pursuit of beauty, so manufacturers will choose the most reasonable structure, safest and most convenient way to mass produce after repeated testing. The appearance of inferior chassis is relatively rough, and most of them are imitations and replicas of high-quality chassis. No matter whether they conform to the internal structure of their own chassis, they will cause many problems in use.


Internal structure of industrial control case: High-quality industrial control case not only has reasonable materials and exquisite appearance design, but also can directly reflect the quality of the production process of the case. In fact, the biggest factor affecting the cost of the chassis is not only the material and thickness of the steel plate that people think, but also depends on the hardware process level of the chassis. On the high-quality chassis, the motherboard tray has been repeatedly processed and shaped, with concave and convex treatment, full curling, structural reinforcement, front, rear, left, and right redundancy, redundant industrial computer power supply installed with motherboard holes, electrical conduction, heat conduction, corrosion-resistant design and other advanced Advanced hardware processing technology will be used; while inferior chassis can be saved, sometimes none of the above hardware technologies are available, and even the floor tray and tailgate have been stamped and formed.