Application of Embedded Industrial Computer in AMR Mobile Robot Industry

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With the widespread application of emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, the pace of intelligent transformation and upgrading in the manufacturing sector is accelerating. As a new generation of logistics equipment leading the intelligent manufacturing process, AMR mobile robots are becoming the “standard configuration” of intelligent factories.

Compared with traditional “point-to-point” AGV, AMR is more flexible and decision-making. However, in the process of continuous improvement of AMR intelligent logistics robots in the direction of high precision, flexibility and intelligence, there must be professional, reliable and high-performance computer hardware support.

GOOIPC is an industry-focused supplier of embedded industrial computer products. Based on embedded system technology, actively deploying the intelligent robot industry, independently developed a series of embedded computer products intelligent logistics robots with rich I/O function interfaces, low power consumption, high performance, and highly integrated into the AMR main control system.

GOOIPC can provide a variety of embedded motherboards for the AMR intelligent logistics robot control system, including embedded AI motherboards, embedded core boards, and mini ITX motherboards.

This product supports Intel, AMD, Rockchip, NXP, HiSilicon and other platform processors. Integrate high-efficiency processing core, support AI algorithm; support Gigabit Ethernet/WIFI/3G/4G network, flexible network application environment; provide rich I/O function interfaces, such as serial port, USB, GPIO, PCIe, etc..

Support multiple Peripheral access,support watchdog function, adapt to Windows 10, Linux and other operating systems, with high stability and scalability.

Embedded Industrial Computer for machine vision 1

GOOIPC can provide dedicated fanless embedded barebone system for AMR intelligent logistics robot control system. The product is equipped with a variety of NCIC embedded motherboards; it provides rich I/O function interfaces;

the aluminum heat dissipation chassis is compact in design, adopts three-dimensional hard disk shock absorption and comprehensive reliability design, and has the characteristics of low power consumption, small size and high performance. Shock-resistant, dust-proof, and wide-temperature characteristics, it can adapt to various harsh working environments.

Support desktop/wall-mounted installation, flexible deployment, and provide solutions for various computer products for different scenarios.