Application of Embedded Industrial PC in Intelligent Rail Transit ISCS System

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In recent years, the development of smart cities has been in full swing, and the construction of smart urban rail has also received strong support from government funds. As an important facility for building smart urban rail, the Integrated Monitoring and Control System (ISCS) ushers in new opportunities for industrial development. In response to this, GOOIPC has created a product solution for ISCS system dedicated industrial computer.

Wall - mounted fanless industrial computer GNP-APC-3106ED

The ISCS integrated monitoring system is based on distributed data communication and linkage control among various systems. It applies computer system integration technology, 5G, big data and other information technologies to the rail transit network and realizes the monitoring of each subsystem equipment under operating conditions. An integrated intelligent system for data collection, intelligent analysis, real-time monitoring, linkage sharing, and decision-making command.

Based on this system, rail transit operation managers can conveniently and effectively monitor and manage the operation of related facilities in the operation of rail transit lines through smart large screens, computers or graphical man-machine interfaces. The integration of intelligent video analysis technology and “cloud computing” technology can greatly improve the safety prevention and control function of urban rail transit, as well as the informatization and intelligence level of operation management.

However, in order to meet the real-time processing and networking of data information between nodes in the ISCS integrated monitoring system, it is necessary to select high-performance computer hardware that supports high-speed and large-capacity data transmission and processing, and supports distributed programming to provide basic support for it.

mini host BOX
Small BOX Mini PC

Combined with the actual technical requirements of the ISCS integrated monitoring system development of customers in the industry, GOOIPC has created high-performance embedded computer motherboards and modular industrial complete machines that meet the needs of its applications.

GOOIPC is an embedded computer manufacturer. Its products involve X86 architecture and ARM architecture embedded industrial computers, rack-mounted industrial computers, mini computers, industrial tablet computers, etc., which can be widely used in rail transit, smart cities, industrial automation and other industries. .