What are the Benefits of Choosing an ARM Motherboard When Purchasing a Small Industrial PC?

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How to choose ARM motherboard for small industrial computer?

ARM motherboard
1. See which cpu is used more and which cpu is stable. The current ARM11 is used a lot, and it is used in many industries. In the past few years, ARM7 and ARM9 were most used in embedded systems, and now ARM11 CPUs are used, which is also a rule. The electronics industry is developing, and we don’t need to use things that have been eliminated or are about to be eliminated. Not only is there no profit at all, but there is not much room for development.
2. Hardware resources are indispensable, including the size of cpu, rom, arm and other various interfaces must meet the requirements of self-development.
3. Software resources, because the software resources provided by different development boards are very different, generally must include embedded development operating system and corresponding drivers, development tools, debugging tools, source code, baseboard schematic diagram, corresponding technical support, etc. .
4. Technical support. All development board manufacturers now have technical support, but many of them are not satisfactory. Before buying, you should shop around and consider more.
5. The price issue. The current price of ARM motherboards is very low, and ARM motherboards already include memory and storage media, so there is no need to purchase external accessories, so the overall system cost is much lower than that of X86.

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